Open Access Policy

Open Access Policies

At Advanced Research and Studies Journal (ARSJ) , we are committed to the goals of open research. Our policies help authors achieve a high level of openness with their research and support them in meeting the open access (OA) requirements of their research funders and institutions. For information on our Nature Research policies on  self-archiving and re-use terms see our self-archiving and license to publish page.

For further Advanced Research and Studies Journal (ARSJ)  OA policies, such as our retrospective open access policy, information on pricing adjustments and guidance on funder compliance and open access licensing; see our journals open access policies on below

OA licensing and copyright

Open access licensing

Open access (OA) articles in ARSJ are published under Creative Commons licences. These provide an industry-standard framework to support easy re-use of open access material. 

Our preferred licence is the Creative Commons Attribution v4.0 International licence (CC BY), and all Springer Nature-owned journals with open access options offer the CC BY licence. The CC BY licence is the most open licence available and considered the industry ‘gold standard’ for open access; it is also preferred by many funders. This licence allows readers to copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format, and to alter, transform, or build upon the material, including for commercial use, providing the original author is credited.

CC BY is used for all articles in the ARSJ, in  the Communications journals, Scientific ReportsScientific DataPalgrave Communications, and in the majority of Springer hybrid journals. It is also the default licence for all other Springer Nature-owned fully open access journals and for OA content in all journals in the Palgrave Macmillan hybrid portfolio and in the majority of hybrid academic titles on the platform.

A very small number of journals, including those published under the Adis imprint, continue to use the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial 4.0 International Licence (CC BY-NC) as their default licence. Some society-owned hybrid academic titles on the platform offer a choice of licences for OA articles. Please see the individual journals for details of other Creative Commons licences offered.

Where journals offer a range of Creative Commons licences, authors are advised to check their funder’s requirements before selecting a licence, to ensure compliance. See here to find out more about how authors can discover funders’ OA policies and meet their requirements.

Self-archiving of papers published open access

Authors publishing via the open access route are encouraged to deposit the final published PDF in their institutional repository or any suitable subject repository on publication.

Authors should provide a link from the deposited version to the URL of the published article on the journal’s website; in all cases, the requirement to link to the journal’s website is designed to protect the integrity and authenticity of the scientific record, with the online published version on the journal’s website clearly identified as the definitive version of record.

Authors are advised to check their funders’ deposition requirements to ensure compliance. Read our policy compliance FAQs to learn about how authors can ensure they meet funder self-archiving requirements.