VOL. 5, NO. 4; JULY
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Educational Technology websites of the doctoral programme: information accessibility research

Rolando Gilmore


This research identifies the type of information prospective doctoral students in educational technology seek; examine the extent to which the discipline’s current doctoral program websites include relevant information, and the degree to which the websites are accessible to disabled students. Fifty doctoral websites in educational technology were examined. Results show variability in the type of content available and show that many sites have elements that are inaccessible to disabled students. Recommendations are provided.

Start to implement an ePortfolio System across the university

Aaren Petty


The explosive growth of ePortfolio in the recent years has occurred in response to continuously increasing demand for reflective practice and social activity in education. ePortfolios are now a part of almost every high school and university student’s daily life. Every educational institution wants their students to be successful in life and contribute positively towards the community. The University of the South Pacific (USP) is no different, one of the university’s vision is ‘to provide the foundation for Pacific peoples to be proud of their heritage and take pride in creating their future, the heritage for the next generation’. ePortfolio is one such promising tool that can contribute towards achieving this dream and much more. For generations Pacific people have used stories, songs and dances as a satellite to transmit their precious customs and traditional wisdom from one generation to the next. Now ePortfolios can be used as a global suitcase that can not only be used to archive the rich customs and wisdom but also transmit these to future Pacific generations and the rest of the globe.