VOL. 4, NO. 2; MARCH
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Can Online Learners Transform Technology

Konnor Gaines & Messiah Bauer 


The most common misconception is that technology can transform online learners as the power of E-learning has been exaggerated in the 21st century. As an essential component of our social environment, technology can only help to transform online learners. In other words, it provides a powerful teaching/learning tool used to “enhance” learning, hence learners changed in the three most often talked about domains. This article argues that it is the learners themselves that seek perspective transformation via critical theory and epistemological positions in the virtual environment. Technology, together with online course instructors play a helping role in terms of helping learners attain changed behavior. Through the discussion of the above pertinent issues, an insightful model titled Learners’ Seeking Transformation via Web 2.0 Technologies, has emerged.

Do you wish to hire Professional Services, which are fully prepared online

Isla Gallagher


More and more people are obtaining their credentials online every year. This number is likely to continue to grow for several years before it begins to level off. Research has shown there is some skepticism and bias among potential employers against potential employees who have earned their credentials in fully online settings. Such research is restricted to employers in organizations. However, a number of individuals and families do also hire or contract the services of various professionals who serve individuals and families. The purpose of this exploratory study is to determine if individuals will or will not contract the services of professionals who completed their professional preparation fully online.